Monday, May 9, 2011

oh yeah, I guess I should eat and sleep too

Having two kids has been a wild roller coaster ride. Daily. Moving homes last week probably didn't slow things down either. We moved more into town and I really enjoy our quaint, quirky little 1920's house we moved into. As a mom of two now, I find there are always about 3-4 things I need to be doing at one time. I enjoy being busy, though. I tend to feel guilty that Henry is not getting near the attention and oggling over that Amelia did as an infant, but I know that feeling must happen to every multi-kid mom. I love him so much though, and wish I could spend days just staring at him, listening to relaxing music and making him smile for photo shoots like I did Amelia. The poor guy rarely gets an uninterrupted meal in without Amelia needing something RIGHT NOW.

Things are going great, though. Just very fast. And I feel pretty sloppy and forgetful most of the time. And if I accidentally catch a glimpse of my post pregnancy bod I can't believe the weird figure I have. I started running again (very slowly) this week, so that helps me to feel better. But it's funny, since having number 2 I don't really have time to worry about how flat my hair is, how round my shoulders are or how bad the chipped paint on my toenails look. If I notice other girls or women that have hair done, nice make up and nails done, I just nod my head thinking about how I couldn't come close to looking that "finished" right now. With a 7 week old and 2 year old, it seems like everything is rushed and halfway done. Phone calls, chores, everything. I don't mean to complain, it's just the way it is right now. I feel like my entire self is for them right now. I can't worry or compare myself to anyone right now, I just have to get through the day and be a great mom to them. This won't last forever, but it's how it is at this point in my life. Hopefully I can find time to keep running throughout the week, though. That seems to give me some time to let my brain refocus and forces me to just be quiet and breath for a little bit.

A few cute things:

Cash is in our new house with us. Amelia and him are best buds, she plays "kitchen" with him and serves him his dog food with spoons and toy plates. It drives him crazy to only get 1-2 morsels at a time, but very cute.

If I get a second to throw on some make up, do my hair, or maybe get out of my pajamas if I'm feeling ambitious, Amelia calls me "Meg" for about 5 minutes. To Amelia there is the happy, pretty, skinny, rested version of mom, and her name is Meg. The more daily version of mom is the one that looks like she's put on 15 pounds, has been run over a bus in the morning and a bar fight in the afternoon is normal mom. Nice.

When Cash obeys Amelia after she yells at him, "Da-wop it! Wight hee-ah!" (Drop it, right here!) She says, "goood guuuhhh" (good girl) to him.

Amelia has learned how to take care of her baby based on my feeding routine with Henry. She'll lift up her shirt to "nuss" (nurse) the baby. Then after a few seconds finds a toy "Bah-wall" (bottle) for the baby to supplement her feeding. She'll be having no malnourished baby dolls under her care. :)

I better get back to work...naptime is almost over.

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